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3-Pebble Word-Building Tray

3-Pebble Word-Building Tray

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3-Pebble Word-Building Tray.

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This simple wooden tray is ideal to help children to learn how to blend and segment letters to create consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC).

The 3-Pebble Word-Building Tray can help children build the foundational skills for reading and spelling independently. It's a great tool to begin mastering phonics.

The three dips in the tray accommodate our alphabet pebbles well, but are a good fit for other letter tiles. These trays provide secure and stable areas to develop literacy skills and give your child the opportunity to explore words and learn while playing.

Made from sustainably-sourced beech wood, this natural product measures 192 x 65 x 18mm. Safe from 18m+.

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