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Artists Palette

Artists Palette

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Artists Palette Wooden Puzzle.

A great set for helping young budding artists to develop colour recognition skills. Children can match the colours along with the colour names that are displayed within the puzzle slots. It's a really fun, hands on way to learn about the different colours that they may not be familiar with already. 

You could use as part of an art challenge where children mix the colours within the puzzle and use them to paint a picture. You could also challenge them to find the colours around them. Maybe they could go and find an object that matches each colour?

The unique shapes are designed to fit into particular spaces.
Children can practise naming their primary colours but also learn more advanced colour names such as indigo.

This 19 piece set includes 1 palette (24.5 x 19 x 1.5cm) and 18 colour pieces.

Made from FSC Plywood and MDF.

Age: Suitable for children who are aged  3+
Cleaning Method:  A dry or slightly damp cloth with mild soap or detergent - wipe dry.
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