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Counting Surprise Party

Counting Surprise Party

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Unbox new counting and colour skills in every surprise present!  You never know what might be inside the presents of Counting Surprise Party.

  • Within each colourful numbered box, little ones will find a fun surprise toy - from a little blue robot to a high-flying plane to a friendly teddy bear, there are 10 manipulative-style gifts in all that kids can wrap and rewrap again and again.
  • In addition to building new fine motor skills with every unboxing, they'll also learn early skills in colour and number recognition.
  • whether they're sorting toys by the colours on the boxes, counting up their stack of presents, or matching the dots on the present lids with the numerals printed on the boxes' fronts.
  • Kids can also use the presents of Counting Surprise Party for imaginative games of hide and seek, or as a whimsical addition to games of pretend.
  • Includes
    • 10 Present boxes
    • 10 Present lids
    • 10 Surprise Figures
  • Presents measure 5cm H x 4.3cm W.

 Age 3+

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