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Lacing Colour Sequence Beads

Lacing Colour Sequence Beads

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Lacing Colour Sequence Beads

This is a wonderful lacing colour sequencing set featuring 96 beads, 12 strings and 18 double-sided cards. It is suitable for children aged 3+ under adult supervision. 

There are 16 beads in each of the following colours - red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. 

The beads measure 2.5cm square and laces are 30cm long.

Children will enjoy adding beads to the laces to complete the sequence on the work cards and create their own patterns too. 

  • 3 levels of colour-coded work cards:
    • Green (Level 1) contain 2 bead colours and 1 bead space to fill.
    • Yellow (Level 2) contain 3 bead colours and 1 bead space to fill.
    • Red (Level 3) contain 2-3 bead colours and 2 bead spaces to fill.

This set can be cleaned by hand washing with mild sterilising detergent.

This set will help develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. It supports mathematical concepts in a fun hands on way. 

Age:  3+

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