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Lets Roll - Seasons

Lets Roll - Seasons

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Lets Roll - Seasons
These beautifully detailed rollers will engage children in seasonal curiosity, developing knowledge and understanding of the natural world, as well as their fine motor skills.
Simply roll into play dough, clay or sand, and stamp to complete the scene.
Extra details will be revealed as children press more firmly.
Six themed rollers are included for each season.
This bumper set contains 24 rollers to take you through the year!
Measuring approx 72 x 34mm.
Safe for 2+

Seasonal details to discover as you roll and stamp:

• Spring – daffodil & flowers, egg & bird’s nest, blossom & orchard, lamb & sheep, froglet & tadpoles, and duckling & duck.

• Summer – sunflower & garden, strawberry & strawberry patch, dandelion & lawn, swallow & rooftops, baby owl & mother owl, and butterfly & flowers.

• Autumn – falling leaves & tree, blackberry & bramble, carved face & pumpkin, acorn & squirrel, spider’s web & plants, and apple and apple tree.

• Winter – bird & branches, snowflake & snow, holly & winter wreath, face & snowman, reindeer & mountains, and star & fir tree.
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