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Wooden Lifecycle Tiles

Wooden Lifecycle Tiles

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24 smooth birch plywood square tiles, clearly colour printed on one side with real photographic lifecycle images. Showing 4 stages for each lifecycle, the self-correcting tiles illustrate the growing and development process of humans, bees, frogs, apples, butterflies and chickens.

Perfect for teaching children to understand the concept of lifecycles, and how different species are similar and different during their lifecycle process. The tiles are self-correcting, so children can easily sort into species groups and learn to identify each stage.

The set comes with a cotton bag and an identification guide in 8 languages with details on each stage of every cycle.

Supports the following areas of learning:
• Communication & Language - descriptive language
• Understanding the World - the world
• Physical Development - motor skills
• Maths - pattern & sequence

Size: 12mm x 70mm.

Age: Suitable for all ages.

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