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Hi, I’m Amy, the founder of Learning and Exploring Through Play. 
Learning and Exploring Through Play is a family-run business based in Birmingham UK, offering resources, inspiration and community to enable you to incorporate fun and play into your child’s learning. 
family owned
I have 3 wonderful children and became a stay at home Mom when my daughter was born. Our family has grown in size and we also have 6 year old identical twin boys. What a journey it has been to date! In 2013, I began a blog centred around play inspiration and soon the content I shared began to build a community who shared my passion. All that we have achieved to date stems from a love and understanding of the power of play
I spent 10 years working in mainstream education and loved the classroom buzz. I felt incredibly privileged to teach children and support any additional needs they had. I always strove for connection, learning about the children as individuals and finding what made them tick. I loved creatively teaching them and watching their fires ignite as they learnt new facts and skills. It was a joy to help lay foundations for success.  
Learning and Exploring Through Play Shop was built as an extension of my blog, as I wanted to further develop our community and provide people with the tools and knowledge to provide the very best for their little ones. Our community grew, and with it, we are making a real difference. I want to continue to share my passion for the way children learn, and help people to understand and value the importance of play within education.  
 importance of play
The Learning and Exploring Through Play shop launched in 2020, and we continue to grow our ranges every week, offering the best resources for your children as they develop and grow. You will find something for all ages and abilities, and every product we sell has been tried and tested by our children, and many more, who love them!
From Play Foam to Activity Wall Panels, our products are designed to encourage play in our children’s daily lives, and make it easy for fun elements to be incorporated to their learning.
With a background in mainstream education, I have seen firsthand how important it is to provide children with quality resources for their overall development, in order for them to reach their full potential. Giving children purpose in their learning and taking away pressure that is often applied with education enables them to truly thrive and become their best selves. 
Research and hands-on knowledge of our products is paramount at Learning and Exploring Through Play. That’s why each of our products has been carefully selected. We have a team dedicated to trying out our products before they are made available in our shop to ensure we offer only the best learning tools.
With experience in the current curriculums, we are able to knowingly select products that compliment what is being taught in schools, to help you get the very best experience for your little ones. 
Here at Learning and Exploring Through Play, we have a true passion to make a difference and we are excited for you to join us on this journey!
We believe in offering the best price, all the time, so you will never find us inflating our prices to allow us to have sales and discount codes. We offer great prices all year round for everyone!
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Thank you for being apart of this journey!
Love Amy x

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