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Translucent Colour Jug Set - Pk6

Translucent Colour Jug Set - Pk6

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Translucent Colour Jug Set - Pk6.
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These colourful jugs are the perfect size for children to use in explorative play with sand and water. They are great for colour mixing, matching and learning about measuring and volume.

Colours match the Translucent Colour Bucket Set, Funnels and Bowls (also available in our shop) and can be used together for extended play value.

This set will also make the perfect addition to mud kitchens and have millilitres and cup measurement markers either side of the jugs. A great way to start to introduce measurements as they play. Challenge the children to fill to certain markers and to identify which jugs are holding more, less. 

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Understanding the World - exploration
• Understanding the World - colour
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Maths - measurement

Size: 113 x 77mm dia. Pk6.

Age: This set is suitable from 18 months.


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