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2 Magnetic Wands and 100 Chips

2 Magnetic Wands and 100 Chips

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2 Magnetic Wands and 100 Chips
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2 magnetic wands and 100 chips are a brilliant resources for hands on learning and play. Together they support a range of areas including - understanding the world - magnetics and colour, maths - counting and sorting and physical development - building motor skills.

The set includes 2 Magnetic Wands (which may vary in colour) and a set of 100 Chips. Supervision from a responsible adult required at all times as with any play resource. The set is suitable for children who are 3 years +.

Each wand measures a total of 190mm in length and the chip diameter is 20mm.

They are a very therapeutic resource so are perfect to use as part of calming activities. You can add the chips to plastic bottles and seal them to create sensory bottles and tubes. Use the wands to move the chips around inside the bottle. 

The chips come in a variety of colours and the discs are translucent meaning you can see through them. The light hits the chips and the colours gleam and sparkle. Each chip has a gold rim and this is what draws the chips to the magnets. 

Age: Suitable from 3 years under close supervision.
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