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Animal Rockers (Set of 4)

Animal Rockers (Set of 4)

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Animal Stamper Set of 4 - you can easily create animal print patterns by rocking these stampers forwards and backwards.

These assorted animal skin rockers are ideal for use with paint, ink pads, sand and dough. The chunky designs are perfect for small hands. Children will enjoy exploring the cause and effect of the marks they can create by pressing them into various medias. 

They are really easy to clean and the material they're made with (rubber) means they are a resource that can be enjoyed for many years, as they are built to last. 

You can use them along with various book titles that feature the animals on the rockers as you bring them to life through your crafts and activities with the children. 

They have been designed with chunky, easy grip handles and these moulded rockers are really comfortable to hold.

All you have to do to create the prints is rock them back and forth to create the animal prints. 
Customers will usually pair these stampers with our Hemispherical Stampers.
Recommended age for this resource is  3 years and over. 
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