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Ball Rollers - Texture

Ball Rollers - Texture

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Ball Rollers - Texture 

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Set of 3 ball rollers creating patterns of dots, squares and circles.  

Specially designed for use by children, with easy to grip handles for little hands. These rollers are perfect for kids to play with; they are lightweight, durable, and safe.

They provide hours of entertainment as the children will love seeing the cause and effect of their actions as they make fun marks.

These rollers are great for developing fine motor skills, as the children will have to use their hands and fingers to control the movements. 

They can be used in a variety of materials such as paint, dough, clay and sand - perfect for imaginative and creative play.

These rollers are ideal for creating interesting and exciting patterns in modelling dough. The easy-to-use design also helps kids enhance their fine motor skills and explore their creative side.

Durable and fully washable for repeated use. It's easy to maintain, so you can enjoy the same feel, results and texture even after multiple uses.

Recommended for ages: 3 years +

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