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Beads and Pattern Card Set

Beads and Pattern Card Set

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Translucent Colour Bowls.

Colourful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders provide pre-reading early maths practice. Includes 20 activity cards, 108 beads, two 92cm black laces with 2.5cm plastic tips plus Teaching Notes. Beads measure from 2 cm to 2.5cm. Cards measure 11cm x 29cm.

Use the cards to explore patterns that range in complexity as the children start to gain understanding of patterns. 

Use the beads to discuss colours, shape and quantity. 

Attach numbers to the laces and children can count the beads as they are threaded onto the laces to match the amounts they see. 

Great to use as loose parts and building small structures.

Why not pair them with our Translucent Colour Bowls and sort according to properties?

This set has lots of fun learning possibilities and is great for working fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. 

Manufacturers Recommendation is 3 years +

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