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Bubble & Squish Fish

Bubble & Squish Fish

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Bubble & Squish Fish 

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Bubble and Squish Fish have been designed specially for children and are developed to engage a child's attention both cognitively and physically.

Each fish measures 15cm in length.

These sensory fish with aqua beads inside are both tactile and engaging whilst encouraging number recognition, counting and sorting

They can be used in every day play and can be used as an educational and learning tool for Maths - perfect for counting and problem solving. 

This pack of squishy fish is ideal for arts and crafts projects, collages or for decorations. The pack is suitable for craft groups, schools, nurseries, & play groups.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

**Please note - if you are looking for a larger set we have a similar set from a different brand here - Rainbow Gel Number Fish 0-20.**

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