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Coconut Shell Circles - Lowercase Alphabet

Coconut Shell Circles - Lowercase Alphabet

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Coconut Shell Circles - Lowercase Alphabet

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52 coloured (red, blue, yellow, green, white) coconut shell discs each with a lowercase letter.

These 25mm tactile discs are perfect for letter recognition and early word building. They can also be used in craft activities  as they can be glued to card and other materials.  Also available - numbers and emotions

52 different coloured coconut shell discs with lowercase letters engraved on the surface.

This is a natural coconut shell resource with 52 counters to encourage children to talk about letters and build words. 

These counters are a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Bury the letters into dry sensory textures for the children to discover. Can they identify the letters? Can they share a word beginning with this letter? 

So many fun ways to play with these letter counters!

This resource is suitable for children who are 3 years +

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