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Colour Paddles 3 Sets

Colour Paddles 3 Sets

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Colour Paddles 3 Sets of 6 paddles. 18 paddles in total.

Transparent paddles in six colours with three textures to help demonstrate the principles of colour mixing. 

You can use these paddles indoors and out to help develop colour recognition. They're good fun to place ontop of one another to create secondary colours.

Each paddle has textures to explore too (see photos).

Each paddle measures 15cm and a hole in the bottom allows you to thread some of your own string through to attach them together if you wish.

Their size is perfect for little hands and for adding to your activity bag when venturing out. You can challenge the children to find the colours on the paddles whilst out on their walks which will really get them to take notice of their surroundings.

Our colour paddles remain a firm favourite and we are always getting great feedback from people who have purchased them.

3 sets of 6 colours. 18 paddles in total. 

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