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1,2,3,4,5 Frame Tray Set (set of 5)

1,2,3,4,5 Frame Tray Set (set of 5)

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1,2,3,4,5 Frame Tray Set (set of 5)
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This fabulous set can be used to explore how numbers relate and can be presented as arrays. Each set comes with 5 frames making them ideal for learning about grouping. Visuals are an excellent way to introduce young learners to maths.

Having an understanding of numbers and how they can be represented is fundamental to mathematical development. 

As a set, these five beautiful wooden trays show clearly how numbers increase in size. Use them with counters to explore what number bonds can be created on a single tray. 

You can also combine trays to explore how numbers relate to each other and can be presented as arrays. 

You can also use the trays for word and simple sentence building. The five separate frames provide a fun resource for creative play and learning activities.

We have sets of pebbles for numbers and letters that work really well with these trays. 

Sets to pair the trays with include:
Lowercase Pebbles
Uppercase Pebbles 
Lowercase Word Building Pebbles
Number Bonds to 10 
Phonics Pebbles
Sum Building Set

Largest tray size: 380 x 80 x 20mm. 
Smallest tray size: 75 x 80 x 20mm. 

They are made from responsibly-sourced FSC approved beech wood.
  • They are suitable for children 18 months and over. 
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