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Easy Hold Glitter Panel - Gold

Easy Hold Glitter Panel - Gold

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Easy Hold Glitter Panel - Gold

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A solid rubberwood frame with easy hold handles enclosing a panel of sparkling gold glitter. The panel can be twisted and turned to make the glitter liquid move and flow in fascinating ways. Ideal for sensory discovery and broadening descriptive vocabulary. 

Great to take outdoors. Observe as the light hits the glitter and makes it sparkle as it tumbles around the viewing space. A captivating resource that can be used to help support regulation. Our Easy Hold Glitter Panel in Gold is a safe, engaging choice that helps to create a soothing environment. It's a great way to encourage mindful moments, for kids or adults alike.

It is suitable or children 12 months +

Also available in PurpleSilver and as a set of all 3 colours

Supports the following areas of learning:
• Understanding the World - colour 
• Understanding the World - observation 
• Physical Development - motor skills 

Harness children’s curiosity

Children love to distort their visual perception and experience the world through different colourful sparkling glitter colours.

Designed for children aged 12 months

The panels features a large, 80mm diameter lens. The handles are easy to hold for small hands and feature rounded edges.

Examine the world in different colours

In a choice of purple, silver and gold, these beautiful glitter panels offer a fascinating sensory and magical perspective of their environment.

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What our customers and brand rep team say about our glitter panels 

"My Reception children have really enjoyed the glitter panels. I keep them in our regulation station but the children will regularly take them outside as they love making the glitter sparkle in the sunshine." - Tina 

"My 2 boys haven't lost interest in them, they're so drawn in by how the glitter falls".  - Katie 

"We have a set of 3 in our day nursery for our 1 year old+ children. They've stood the test of their heavy hands and they've enjoyed watching the glitter move around" - Stacey

Size of frame: 185 x 120 x 20mm (glitter panel 80mm dia.)

Age: Suitable from 12 months.

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