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Gardening Tool Set Trowel, Fork and Rake

Gardening Tool Set Trowel, Fork and Rake

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Gardening Tool Set Trowel, Fork and Rake.

This wonderful hand tool gardening set includes: 

1 x trowel - size L185mm
1 x mini fork - size L195mm
1 x mini rake - size L190mm

These mini tools have been specially designed and developed for children.  

Each tool is made from forged metal and wood.

They are durable and good value for money, any child will love using their very own tools to help in the garden.

Gardening and spending time outside has been proven to be vital for our well being and has significant impacts on improving or maintaining good, positive mental health.

Getting children involved in gardening helps to reduce stress levels, learn new skills, build positive relationships with nature and the adults/peers working alongside them. They are able to observe the impact of their actions as they see the seeds and flowers grow. 

Giving them responsibility within a gardening space gives them independence and will go on to have great impacts on their mood, self esteem and confidence. 

This set is suitable from 3 years old +
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