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Lets Investigate Nature

Lets Investigate Nature

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Lets Investigate Nature. These beautifully tactile stones reflect the natural treasures children might discover in the natural world. Designed for outdoor learning, investigative play and forest school, the stones are robust for lots of outside adventures!

They are durable enough to be used in water, soil, mud and play clay, and are easily cleaned. 

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Wonderfully sensory, the details on the stones can be felt as well as seen. Go on a nature hunt and compare with the real things, make imprints in play dough and take rubbings using wax crayons. Children will delight in such activities, learning about nature at the same time.

Set contains eight stones: acorn, dandelion seedhead, feather, pine cone, snail shell, spider’s web, sycamore leaf, sycamore seeds. Stones measure approx 85mm.

Suitable for 2+.


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