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Paper Hands x100

Paper Hands x100

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Paper Hands x 100

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Paper Hands x 100

This pack contains 100 paper hand shapes. Each hand measures 14cm x 12cm.

They are ideal for collage, decoration and school projects. These paper hands can be used for a variety of craft projects, allowing you to get creative.

They can be decorated in all sorts of ways, using crayons, fibre tip pens, paint and other decorative materials.

They also help children practice expressing their emotions, opening up to the world around them as they embark on about me journeys through classroom topics. 

They are great to use as part of your celebrations topic where you explore different cultures and religions. Add different jewelleries and have a go at designing your own henna. Use at Winter too to design your own gloves.

Easy to decorate using paints, crayons, felt tips, wool and collage materials.

Perfect for nurseries, pre-schools, schools and home. 3+

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