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Shape Links Activity Set

Shape Links Activity Set

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Shape Links Activity Set 

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This set makes learning maths and shapes fun and engaging. With 360 links in 3 different shapes and 6 bright colours, children can connect the shapes together to form interesting geometric structures.

This activity set is perfect for a wide range of educational activities. Ideal for sorting, classifying, pattern making, and sequencing, this set is designed to foster creativity while also teaching valuable skills through play.

The set encourages important mathematical skills such as logical thinking, reasoning and numeracy.

Supplied with 20 double sided activity cards for inspiring ideas.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Maths - pattern, counting & sorting
• Physical Development - motor skills
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Communication & Language - reasoning

Set includes: 360 links, 20 x 2-sided activity cards.
Size LxWxH: 20cm x 15.8cm x 10.5cm
Age: 4yrs

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