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Tactile Letter Set

Tactile Letter Set

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Tactile Letter Set. Practise letter recognition and formation with this fantastic set of tactile letters.

Trace the raised dots and follow the arrows to start to grasp how letters are formed. The texture provides good sensory input so children can self-check.

The letters are made from sturdy plastic making them durable and suitable to use in a wide variety of sensory textures. Their sturdy design makes them a resource that will stand the test of time.

The set includes 26 pieces and a multilingual activity guide. Consonant letters are blue in colour and vowels are orange. They are great to add to any activity set up to encourage children to start building and reading words.

In this range we also have Tactile Numbers and Operations. Both sets are a firm favourite amongst our customers.

Letters measure 10cm x 7cm making them a great size for small hands.

This set is suitable for children 3 years +.

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